How Muscles Learn

How Muscles Learn

By: Susan Kempter

“Teaching the violin with the body Mind”

During my graduate studies at the University of New Mexico, I was fortunate to be able to pursue several diverse subjects not usually associated with string teaching. One of these subjects was an in-depth inquiry into how muscles learn movement patterns and how our awareness can modify those patters. Combined with previous course work in human anatomy and physiology, extensive personal reading and many sessions with Alexander specialists, I began notice that even though the language and/or approaches differed, these seemed to be a few principles are core of this publication, which these disciplines appeared to agree. These principles are core of this publication, which is not meant to be a course in kinesthetics, Alexander, biomechanics or physiology, but rather an approach to teaching the violin.

Principle Number One…

The importance of good posture.

Consideration of the Nose, Elbow, Scroll and Toe:

Most violin teachers repeatedly tell their students to “Stand Up straight” Knowing intuitively that good posture is the basis for good playing. Some teachers have tried to simplify the teaching of posture by insisting that each of their students, regardless of body type, stand with nose, left Elbow, violin Scroll and the left Toe vertically aligned (NEST).

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How Muscles Learn: Teaching the Violin with the Body in Mind