Focus on Suzuki Piano

Focus on Suzuki Piano

By: Mary Craig Powell

“If love is deep, much can be accomplished”  Shinichi Suzuki.

During the past few years it has been exciting to watch the area of Suzuki piano develop. Through workshops, institues, and teacher development courses, parents and teachers have been able to grow and improve their skills in an unprecedent way. I have seen their craving for more information and techniques, and it is my hope that FOCUS ON SUZUKI PIANO will be a contribution in those areas and the growth of the remarkable Suzuki movement.

This book is the result of an effort to record and preserve many ideas and techniques I have used over period of years as I adapted my teaching to the Suzuki philosophy. It has been compiled from articles that first appeared in Suzuki World Magazine betwen 1982 and 1987. Although a connecting philosophy weaves its way throughout the book, each chapter is complete in itself. Thus is may be read in whatever order the reader wishes. By no means does it present an examination of all aspects of Suzuki piano, nor is it all I have to offer on the subject. I have more to write.

Mary Craig Powell.

Chapter 1

Focus on Philosophy

“If love is deep, much can be accomplished” These words from Shinichi Suzuki, founder of the Suzuki method, provide powerful insight into man, the philosophy, and the method.

Si te gusto el comienzo de este libro, te recomiendo que lo adquieras aquí en Musikarte. No te arrepentiras! En el encontraras increíbles temas acerca del método Suzuki.